HotForex Botswana – Review

HotForex Botswana is one of the most popular brokers in Botswana. It is authorized and regulated as a Financial Service Provider (FSP) from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa. FSCA is an independent institution authorized by statute to supervise the South African non-banking financial services industry. Hot Forex also complies with several other regulators in Europe and the UK. While trading with HotForex Botswana, you get numerous award-winning trading features such as HFCOPY, PAMM Account in addition to regular trading accounts. In an HFCOPY account, you can select to copy the trades of a consistently successful trader for a monthly fee. The PAMM account gives you a chance to get your fund managed by a PAMM account manager. The PAMM account managers are selected by HF team after careful analysis. So you get traders with proven performance as PAMM account manager.

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HotForex Micro Account

A full-featured trading account is starting with a minimum deposit of $5. Micro Accounts offer MT4, MT5, WebTrader, and mobile trading platforms to the account holders. While trading traders can apply maximum leverage of 1:1000.

HotForex Premium

It starts with an account opening deposit of $100.  Premium Account is designed for professional traders. The minimum spread is one pip with 1:500 leverage. All the trading platforms MT4, MT5, WebTrader, and Mobile are available.

HotForex Zero Spread

The minimum account opening deposit is $200. It offers the minimum spread starting at 0 pips. Traders can avail the maximum leverage of 1:500. MT4, WebTrader, and Mobile trading platforms are available for Zero Account holders.

HotForex Auto

Auto Account starts with a minimum of $200. It offers a chance to trade automatically by subscribing to signals from MQL5 website. Only the MT4 platform can be used to adhere to the trading signals. Traders can subscribe to trading signals to the HotForex MT4.

HotForex Copy

The HFcopy account starts with $100 for a Follower Account. This is considered as one of the most favorite features of HotForex Botswana. This account acts as an interface between ‘Strategy Providers’ (SPs) and ‘Followers.’ The Followers copy the trades from the Strategy Providers they select. The follower has to pay a fee for following the Strategy Provider, and the fees are payable only if the Strategy Provider creates profit in the Followers’ account. The MT4, WebTrader, and Mobile trading platform are available. The trading instruments are limited to Forex pairs and Bitcoin. The maximum leverage for HFCopy account is 1:400.

HotForex PAMM

HotForex PAMM accounts are professionally managed account where the Account manager’s fund invested along with investor’s fund. The account managers get a share of the profit generated for the investor. This account type has an advanced real-time reporting and complete transparency of trading. You can choose more than one PAMM accounts to invest in diversifying your risk.

Why should you select HotForex for Forex trading in Botswana?

  1. Several account types to choose from depending on your investment requirements
  2. HotForex is a Botswana regulated broker and complies with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa.
  3. Low trading expenditures compared to other brokers – Low Spreads
  4. Fast and secure trading platform available for PC, MAC, Mobile phones and web browsers
  5. As a HotForex client, you get access to premium educational materials and free webinars

You can learn to use various indicators and strategies from the webinars conducted by industry specialists. And use them in your trading to be a profitable Forex trader in Botswana.

Is HotForex legal in Botswana? Is Hot Forex regulated in Botswana?

Yes, Forex trading with HotForex is completely legal in Botswana. Hotforex is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa under license number 46632. Therefore, it is an approved Forex broker in Botswana. You can safely trade with HotForex in Botswana. It suggests you several account types to choose from.

HotForex now complies with South African regulators. HotForex has recently got registered with DIFC as HF Markets, its parent holding company. This has enhanced the credibility of HotForex Botswana as a prestigious Forex broker in the region. Its dedicated customer support has made account opening and verification process more comfortable. Now you can open a Demo or Real Account with HotForex Botswana. Start trading in a managed PAMM account or HFCopy account with HotForex Botswana.

HotForex – Is HotForex profitable?

Well, obviously it is not the Forex broker who makes you profitable. Rather, it is your trading that makes your profit or loss. HotForex or any other Forex broker only provide you the Forex trading service in a secure and transparent environment.  You must trade responsibly with proper risk management and market analysis in order to become a successful trader.


HotForex – Is HotForex a scam broker?

No, HotForex is definitely not a scam broker. It has registered with FSCA a South Africa financial regulator. HotForex is in Business for several years. It has thousands of traders from across the globe. The traders from all over the world trust HotForex. HotForex is known for its honesty and transparency trading environments.