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EasyMarkets Review Botswana

EasyMarkets is intuitive and easy to navigate but offers many features for both new and experienced traders. For example, a regulated online broker has the support of a team of financial experts. This ensures the security of the customer’s funds and money. Furthermore, the company adheres to a strict management standard, including separating client funds and participating in a scheme in the event of bankruptcy. Its means that EasyMarkets is a safe and secure place to trade. There are no active bonus provides or promotional programs for new clients, which is suitable for many types of investors.

EasyMarkets Pros And Cons

No matter how you trade, there are always risks involved in online trading and some key benefits of using this type of method. Below are some key advantages and disadvantages. The convenience of using EasyMarkets includes a large selection of assets available for 24/7 transactions. In addition, it is an easy-to-use website and mobile app; Video guides and chart reading tools will help you perform basic and technical analysis; Community features to help you learn and integrate with other platform users. On the other side, the disadvantage of using EasyMarkets may be that the spreads offered in trading cryptocurrencies are relatively wide. In addition, there are no mutual funds available for investment; Most types of copy trading require a high minimum; High risk means it is often not the right platform for new traders.

easyMarkets Logo Botswana
  • Standard Account: $25 Minimum Deposit
  • Minimum trade: 0.01 Lot
  • Leverage: 1:400
  • Assets: Over 150, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, and Currency Pairs
  • Platform: Web, Android, iOS, MT4, and MT5

EasyMarkets Review Botswana – Advantages

    One of the major benefits of using EasyMarkets is the round-the-clock service and support and research offers. Not only that, EasyMarkets has reduced transaction costs and fees that are often associated with traditional brokerage firms. This gives EasyMarkets users more flexibility and more control – time is of the essence when trading, and where traditional brokers only need an appointment to start a trade, speeds up the trading process with EasyMarkets. Finally, users can monitor their investments in real-time. EasyMarkets provides stock quotes and trade information, making it easy for users to see how their investments are working.

    Things to understand when trading with EasyMarkets

    There is a big problem with using online platforms like EasyMarkets. The fact is that users understand that there is no entity to test what they are doing and doing it correctly Users of EasyMarkets may fail to create a proper portfolio or return the wrong shares, which means they run the risk of losing money. In addition, the easy availability of EasyMarkets makes it a dangerous platform for some less educated users. Also, the disadvantages of EasyMarkets include lack of personal relationships with brokers and increased reliance on technology and the Internet.

    EasyMarkets Trading Fees

    Trading fees at EasyMarkets are costs that are incurred from one’s funds when buying and selling an underlying stock or shares. For example, a trading platform has to pay a broker and stamp duty tax on certain investments to trade in the stock market.

    Some investors prefer to consider EasyMarkets trading fees as a premium for investment services offered by an online trading platform. The trading fees apply when a trader wants to buy or sell shares of a particular investment. A commission is also said to be paid to these brokers in exchange for facilitating trade through their platform. In a financial sense, transaction costs can also include the spreads of a broker, which is the difference between the price that a dealer pays for security and the price that the buyer pays for it.

    EasyMarkets Review Botswana – Stock Trading Fees

    In the United States, for most e-market trading fees, commissions are calculated based on either a flat fee per trade or the number of shares traded. However, several brokers also offer zero-commission trading for stocks, ETFs and options. For example, an EasyMarket stock trading fee is a brokerage fee that is charged when you buy or sell a stock. In addition, a trader can pay a commission or fee for buying and selling other investments such as options or exchange-traded funds.

    EasyMarkets CFD Fees

    EasyMarkets CFD providers usually charge a financing rate for holding the position overnight. It can be as high as the LIBOR rate plus or minus 3%. For example, if you have an EasyMarkets CFD trade for one year, you may be charged an annual [3% + LIBOR%] calculated as a daily rate. Therefore, if you are in a long position overnight, your EasyMarkets CFD provider will charge a financing charge. This financing interest charge multiplies the number of CFD positions you hold by the market’s closing price and is then multiplied by the financing charge, which is divided by 365 days to convert the fee into daily charges.

    EasyMarkets Forex Fees

    The commission for Easymarket Forex trading can be either a fixed fee (i.e., a certain amount regardless of volume) or a relative fee: the higher the trading volume, the higher the commission. The amount that a trader is charged for the EasyMarkets Forex Fee depends on their trade size. EasyMarkets will calculate the forex fee, subtract the bid price from the price asked by someone to find the spread. Forex brokers keep this spread as their fee or commission.

    EasyMarkets Cryptocurrency Fees

    In addition to the cryptocurrency’s price, each cryptocurrency exchange adds a fee for trading while customers buy and sell coins. EasyMarkets cryptocurrency fees may vary, but most exchanges charge 0.1% to 1% or more per trade. This means that if you use 1,000 to invest in a particular crypto, the fees you will pay for that transaction can range from $ 100 to $ 1,000. In addition, EasyMarkets includes a fee for cryptocurrency fee maker (which adds order book liquidity through limit order) and taker (which subtracts liquidity from order book through market order).

    EasyMarkets Non Trading Fees

    EasyMarkets Non-Trading Fees include various brokerage fees and charges to be paid by a trader unrelated to the purchase and sale of assets. The most common non-trading fees include withdrawal, deposit, inactivity, and account fees.

    EasyMarkets Deposit Fees

    An EasyMarket deposit fee is a payment that one must make to the licensee and is received by the CTC for the licensee to confirm the booking. To make a profit and pay operating costs, exchanges usually charge for their services. Therefore, when you open an EasyMarkets account, a fee will be attached to it to be credited to your account.

    EasyMarkets Withdrawal Fees

    Withdrawals from EasyMarkets may be subject to a fee depending on where you are and how much money you are withdrawing. Check the details of the account you have with EasyMarkets to see if you have to pay a withdrawal fee, as it will be different for different parts of the world.

    EasyMarkets Account Fees

    The EasyMarkets Account Fee is a fee that EasyMarkets evaluates on all accounts for the ability to keep an account on their platform. An account fee reimburses Easymarket for the cost of keeping the account open. For EasyMarkets you can pay a monthly fee for your account in exchange for benefits, often research tools, educational guides or premium benefits.

    EasyMarkets Account Opening

    The trading account registration process is simple, user-friendly, and fast. Within one business day, our account was verified. EasyMarkets Trading Account is available in more than 194 countries. However, EasyMarkets is limited to the following countries.

    An EasyMarkets trading account can be opened worldwide in addition to limited countries.

    EasyMarkets Trading Platform is available for those who live in BD. Some Financial Materials EasyMarkets offers may be limited to your country.

    • Fast EasyMarkets account opening.
    • EasyMarkets account can be opened and KYC can be verified digitally.
    • EasyMarkets minimal deposit is 100 USD / GBP / EURO.
    • An EasyMarkets online trading account verification may be held up for longer than a day if there is an issue with verifying your account.

    EasyMarkets Review Botswana – Deposit Methods

    There are several ways you can deposit money into your EasyMarkets account. Anyone can use a credit or debit card and EasyMarkets accepts payments from credit and debit cards provided by MasterCard and Visa. Using a personal PayPal account, you can use PayPal to fund your EasyMarket account. One can also use bank wire and electronic bank transfer. If you have sufficient funds in your respective account, it will be debited from your bank account and an equal amount will be credited to your EasyMarkets account.

    EasyMarkets Withdrawal Methods

    Log in to your EasyMarkets trading account linked to your bank account. Go to the “Funds” or “Accounts” section and click on it. You will be given two options: either add funds or withdraw funds. Click ‘Withdraw Funds’ to transfer money from your EasyMarkets account to your bank account. You can use a credit or debit card to withdraw money from your EasyMarkets account. EasyMarkets processes withdrawals on credit and debit cards issued by MasterCard and Visa. Anyone can use PayPal, because EasyMarkets processes withdrawals from PayPal accounts. Finally, you can withdraw funds directly to your bank account via bank transfer.

    EasyMarkets Trading Platforms

    Since there are many stock markets and trading options, not all trading platforms offer the same options. Before investing in the EasyMarkets trading platform, there are six important reasons: Some platforms are designed for more advanced traders, thus providing more research and analytical tools. The EasyMarkets trading platform has a demo account and educational tools, but it may not be designed for new traders, focusing less on those educational features. The customer service functions vary: some offer 24/7 hour support whereas others offer only email support.

    If you are struggling with technology, you need to consider the level of support available at EasyMarkets. Another thing to consider is users financial goals. For example, are you looking for long-term investment in retirement, or do you want to focus on short-term success? Make sure an EasyMarkets account meets these goals some platforms offer commission-free trading, but some require a minimal fee to open an account.

    EasyMarkets Web Trading Platform

    An EasyMarkets web trading platform is a piece of software used for trading. This includes managing open, closed, and market positions through EasyMarkets, a financial intermediary. EasyMarkets is a web trading platform that allows Forex traders to open and close online positions without having to download any software. With a web browser, traders can follow bid-ask spreads, order stop losses, take profit profits, and track past and present edits.

    Mobile Trading Platform

    The EasyMarkets mobile trading platform supports both Android and iOS devices.

    EasyMarkets Apple IOS Trading Platform

    A EasyMarkets iOS online trading platform is the application software that enables investors and users to place trades and monitor accounts through iOS apps on Apple devices, such as iPhone.

     EasyMarkets Google Play Android Trading Platform

    An EasyMarkets Google Play Trading Platform is an application software that enables investors and traders to trade and monitor accounts on Android devices, such as the Google Play App on an Android mobile smartphone.

    EasyMarkets Desktop Computer Trading Platform

    An EasyMarkets computer trading platform is software that anyone can use to research, deploy, monitor and edit trades on users desktop computer. Users can choose from many platforms, including desktop platforms, trading apps, web-based platforms, and third-party programs. EasyMarkets Desktop Computer Trading Platform is software that enables investors and traders to trade and monitor accounts through financial intermediaries. In addition, easyMarkets desktop trading platform provides other features to its users, charting tools, such as real-time quotes, news feeds and even premium research.

    EasyMarkets MetaTrader 4

    MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is a trading platform used by online retail foreign exchange traders. MetaTrader Software developed and released this program in 2005. The software is licensed to forex brokers who provide software to their clients. It is a free forex trading platform that offers a wide range of technical analysis options, a flexible trading system and algorithmic and mobile trading. MT4 is a popular online trading platform whic can be used to automate one’s trading. Its simple user interface offers users with access to advanced technical analysis and flexible trading systems.

    EasyMarkets PC Trading Platform

    If you plan to become a full-time trader using EasyMarkets, one needs a computer with high-performance hardware. A trading computer with access to an EasyMarkets PC trading platform is a superior, high-speed computer that is designed and customized to enhance a trader’s ability to interface with the market and make decisions in real time. A great trading computer has four key components: speed, reliability, multiple monitors and after-sales service and support.

    EasyMarkets Apple Mac Trading Platform

    Apple Macs and MacBook can easily handle the most important requirements when using the EasyMarkets trading platform. These include the ability to keep multiple browser tabs or trading apps open, a high-quality display or monitor (high definition retina display with True Tone technology, adjust and adapt to ambient light), an accurate trackpad or mouse, and light design. And long battery life. Macs are easy to set up, use, and even maintain. Live trading from a Mac Cold boot can be done with just a few mouse clicks and in a minute. Therefore, EasyMarkets trading platform is very user-friendly and easy to use on Mac devices.

    EasyMarkets Trading Look And Feel

    The User Interface (UI) is when human users interact with the EasyMarkets online trading platform. The goal of an effective UI is to make the user experience intuitive and straightforward, requiring minimal effort on the user’s part to get the most desired results. As a result, the UI design of the EasyMarkets application enhances the user experience and customer satisfaction, ultimately helping to increase the number of users of the EasyMarkets application.

    EasyMarkets Review Botswana – Security

    The assets and personal information of EasyMarkets e-traders are attractive prey for cybercriminals and in the event of an incident, the EasyMarkets trading platform operators will have to deal with the consequences. To avoid financial losses associated with bugs and vulnerabilities, EasyMarkets trading platform coders should have considered security at the development stage of the EasyMarkets build process, considering in advance issues such as automated user logout, encryption and restrictions on weak passwords. They should regularly review the code for errors and fix them quickly. Security is therefore important for EasyMarket trading platform because it manages clients’ money, which brings great responsibility. Neglecting security can cost an easy market a lot. EasyMarkets offers SSL encrypted secure trading and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

    EasyMarkets Financial Instrument Search Features

    Financial instruments have three main functions: a means of payment (like money), a store of value (like money), and allowing the transfer of risk (as opposed to money). EasyMarkets financial instruments can be a vague asset, which is expected to provide future benefits in the form of future cash claims. These are tradable assets representing a valid contract or contractual right to prove an entity’s financial value / ownership interest.

    EasyMarkets Alerts And Notifications

    For example, execution of price alerts and notifications can be placed for orders, important news and margin calls. On online platforms, these notifications appear as pop-up messages If you can set up email or SMS notifications too, it will be good

    EasyMarkets Review Botswana – Trading Platform Features

    Traders use online trading platforms to help them in every aspect of their trading. Whether you are trading shares, forex or crypto, market analysis, price estimates and buying are all important. The EasyMarkets trading platform provides up to a second chart to enable traders to execute transactions at the click of a button.

    EasyMarkets Margin Trading

    EasyMarkets Margin trading means borrowing money from a brokerage firm to trade. When trading on the margin, investors first deposit cash which acts as collateral for the loan and then pay the running interest on the money they have borrowed. In short, EasyMarkets Margin Trading is an advantage under which one buys stocks that they cannot afford. You are allowed to buy the stock by paying a marginal amount of the actual price. This margin is paid as security in cash or shares. Your broker funds are your margin trading transactions.

    EasyMarkets Auto Trading

    An EasyMarkets Auto Trading is a trading plan where buy-sell orders are automatically placed based on an underlying system or program. These commands are placed when the trade conditions of the underlying system or program are met. It is a method of participating in the financial market using EasyMarket, which enforces pre-determined entry and exit trades rules. If you are a trader, you can combine detailed technical analysis with a set of parameters for one’s location. These include opening orders, trailing stops and guaranteed stops.

    EasyMarkets Social Trading

    Social Trading is a type of transaction that enables traders or investors to copy and execute strategies of their peers and more experienced traders on the EasyMarkets platform. In addition, social transactions on EasyMarkets allow you to interact with other investors in Facebook-style. The key is that you can share and discuss potential investment opportunities with traders on the EasyMarket platform.

    EasyMarkets Copy Trading

    Copy-trading with EasyMarkets allows users to copy trades performed by other investors in the financial markets. The goal of copy trading is to be in the same position as copying the investor to a trader. When copying another trader, no one gets the layout of the trader’s strategy, but only follows their trade. Now, EasyMarkets copy trading is a way to automate your investment strategy, as it is impossible to predict where your money will be invested.

    EasyMarkets Review Botswana – Account Types

    EasyMarkets STP Account

    The EasyMarkets STP (Straight Through Processing) account is a Forex brokerage model that involves sending clients’ orders directly to the market without sending them through the dealing desk. An EasyMarkets STP account is considered a hybrid of the ECN and Market Maker (Dealing Desk) model. An EasyMarkets STP is the percentage of transactions passed directly through the system from start to finish without manual intervention.

    EasyMarkets ECN Account

    An EasyMarkets ECN (Electronic Communication Network) account is a pure order matching execution system. EasyMarkets as a provider charges a commission per trade rather than spreading spreads more naturally in the order-matching process. An EasyMarkets ECN is a financial intermediary that uses electronic communications networks to give clients direct access to equity and other participants in the currency market. As an ECN broker, EasyMarkets only trades between other market participants; It cannot trade against the users.

    EasyMarkets DMA Accounts

    EasyMarkets Direct Market Access (DMA) refers to the electronic facilities and order books of EasyMarkets Financial Market Exchange that facilitate daily securities transactions. Instead of relying on market-building firms and broker-dealers to conduct trades, EasyMarkets can use direct market access to trade on its own. The EasyMarkets DMA account deals separately with each liquidity provider.

    EasyMarkets Islamic Accounts

    Under Islamic law, money should not be allowed to make more money. So, instead of the conventional EasyMarkets accounts with paid rates, Islamic accounts provide accounts that provide profit / loss. The account buys assets with your money, generating returns for the easy market. An EasyMarkets Islamic Forex Account is a halal trading account offered for clients who respect the Quran and want to invest in the Islamic stock market following the principles of Islamic finance. Since Sharia law prohibits the collection of interest, traders with Islamic accounts do not pay or accept interest rates.

    EasyMarkets Tradable Financial Instruments

    EasyMarkets Traded financial instruments are financial instruments that are traded explicitly in the stock market, for example stocks, stocks, derivatives, bonds and mutual funds. It refers to the different types of markets with which you can trade through EasyMarket. Sometimes called securities, they range from commodity futures to stocks and CFDs, currencies and metals, etc.

    EasyMarkets Trading Stocks

    Stock trading is the act of buying and selling shares in a corporation; If you have stock, you own a portion of the corporation.

    Stock trading involves buying and selling equities in phases to trade time against the market. Stock traders look for profit from short-term market development by selling stocks for profit or buying stocks at cheap prices. In addition, stock traders conduct significant studies, often devoting several hours each day to market observation.

    EasyMarkets Trading ETFs

    What are ETFs? An ETF is a collection of assets whose shares are traded on a stock market. They combine the features and potential benefits of stocks, mutual funds and bonds. ETF shares, like individual stocks, are traded throughout the day at different prices based on supply and demand.

    What Are Fractional Shares

    Investors can buy shares of a fraction of a stock, which makes it easy to diversify with a small amount of money. For example, investors can buy stocks in fractions by specifying the amount of one dollar instead of the price of a whole share.

    EasyMarkets Trading Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrency trading can be done using cryptocurrency exchanges to buy and sell underlying cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrency trading can also be done using a cryptocurrency CFD trading account to predict movements above or below the price of a particular crypto asset. A CFD is a high-risk trade between a trader and a broker. No underlying asset is exchanged with a CFD contract. It is a complete estimate of the price movement of financial instruments. CFD trading on cryptocurrency assets set by FCA, the UK’s financial regulator, is not permitted in the United Kingdom. Check if CFD cryptocurrency trading is allowed in your area, and make sure you fully understand the risks before trading.

    Cryptocurrency volatility is the most significant source of risk when trading them. These are high-risk and predictable, and you should be aware of your troubles before starting trading. They are volatile: Unexpected changes in market sentiment can lead to price changes that are strong and rapid.

    EasyMarkets CFD Trading

    A contract for difference (CFD) allows traders to speculate on the future market movements of an underlying item without taking ownership of it or with its actual delivery. CFDs can be used to trade a variety of underlying assets, including stocks, commodities and foreign exchange.

    EasyMarkets Forex Trading

    Forex trading is a method of investing money by trading one currency with another. The main goal of Forex trading is to successfully predict whether the value of one currency will increase or decrease compared to other currencies. As an easymarket forex trader, one buys and sells currencies in the foreign exchange market. Their responsibilities include researching or analyzing a currency pair. Forex traders can either work for banks and hedge funds or trade independently. Some traders use charts and math for analysis, others rely on news and economic data.

    EasyMarkets Commodities Trading

    Commodity trading is a type of trading where individuals or businesses buy and sell physical products such as metals or oils. EasyMarkets Commodity Trading can work to secure the supply of raw materials for a business or industry to help create liquidity in an international market, or to invest in a speculative capacity. With the EasyMarkets product marketplace, the underlying asset you are buying can be physically supplied. Therefore, the buyer can book the product and the seller can confirm delivery when signing the contract. Moreover, they can fix the price in advance regardless of the price at delivery.

    EasyMarkets Futures Trading

    Future trading is where a derivative financial contract forces a buyer to purchase an asset or sells an asset to a seller at a predetermined future date and pricing. For example, an EasyMarkets futures contract allows an investor to speculate about the direction of a security, product or financial instrument. Typically, futures contracts are traded on e-markets; A trader agrees to buy a certain amount of securities or a product and deliver on a certain date. The seller in the contract agrees to pay it.

    EasyMarkets Trading Research Tools

    Stock trading is considered as a short term method for investing. Successful stock traders can make big profits, but there are also many risks involved in trading. Taking advantage of trading research tools designed to help traders analyze potential investments can reduce risk and provide an edge when trying to make a profit. Some EasyMarkets tools include charts, technical analysis and currency correlation.

    EasyMarkets Trading News

    Traders can follow the trading markets and make wise investment decisions in EasyMarkets using the news to help create a strategy for choosing investments. EasyMarkets News Trading Strategy involves trading based on news and market expectations before and after the news release. Therefore, traders need to evaluate immediately after the news is published and make quick decisions on how to trade.

    EasyMarkets Economic Calendar

    Investors use an economic calendar to monitor market-moving events such as economic indicators and monetary policy decisions. Market-moving events, which are usually announced or published in a report, have a high probability of impacting the financial markets. An EasyMarkets economic calendar is a resource that lets traders know important economic information that will be published in all major economies. Events may include indicators such as GDP, Consumer Price Index (CPI), and Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) reports.

    EasyMarkets Fundamental Data On Financial Instruments & Companies

    Basic research does not usually produce results that have immediate application at the practical level. The goal of basic research is to answer the question of why or how and what contributes to the pool of basic knowledge in a research. For example, EasyMarkets Basic Analysis research data looks at a security price movement and uses this data to try to predict future price movements. On the other hand, Fundamental analysis looks at the economic and financial factors that affect a business. Fundamental analysis, therefore, evaluates securities in an attempt to measure their underlying values.

    EasyMarkets Charting

    Technical analysis indicators such as MACD, Stochastics, RSI, OBV, and Fibonacci are important for trading. The primary types of charts used by traders in Easymarket are candlestick charts, line charts, point and figure charts and rainco charts. Such charts are plotted on either a mathematical or logarithmic scale and go with one depending on the information obtained by the analyst.

    EasyMarkets portfolios

    Trading portfolio is useful when trading with Easymarket.

    A trading portfolio consists of various investment vehicles. Each created for a different investment strategy, individual trading portfolios may be owned by one investor. Stocks, cash, futures, currencies, and other assets can be included in a trading portfolio.

    A trading portfolio is a collection of traders’ investments and financial assets, including stocks, bonds, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, commodities and other securities.

    EasyMarkets Withdrawals Times

    The time it takes for your withdrawal is determined by your method to create it. It’s important to remember that this is the payment method user used to fund their EasyMarkets account.

    Withdrawal requests may take up to three business days to be processed by EasyMarkets

    You can expect to receive your money within three business days for bank transfer, credit / debit card and digital wallet.

    If you have made a withdrawal transfer to your digital wallet account, your EasyMarkets should arrive in less than 24 hours.

    EasyMarkets Customer Support

    Customer Support represents resources within the EasyMarkets company that provide technical support to their customers after using the EasyMarkets service. When customers need help they may need to seek support frequently, so contacting a customer support team should be easy, available and responsive.

    This broker offers email, phone, live chat, 24/7 support.

    EasyMarkets Email Support

    EasyMarkets offers email support.

    Email support EasyMarkets is a convenient customer service method, but answers to support questions are not quick. Users may have to wait 1 to 3 days for EasyMarkets to respond to your support request.

    EasyMarkets offers live chat support.

    An EasyMarkets Live Chat support is a way for customers to get help from EasyMarkets through an instant messaging platform. This often happens on a one-to-one level through the company’s website. This can be an active chat pop-up, a chat box appears on the screen and asks if you need help. Clicking on it will connect you to a live agent. Live chat is great if you need a response to your support request within 15 minutes.

    EasyMarkets Telephone Support

    EasyMarkets telephone support is often used for pre-sale questions, taking orders, upselling, cross-selling, and problem solving. Outbound calls are to give or receive information on calls made to customers from the EasyMarkets call center.

    EasyMarkets 24/7 Support

    EasyMarkets 24/7 hour Customer Support means customers can get help and answer questions 24/7 and in real-time. An EasyMarkets live chat offer 24/7 support via support, knowledge base, live chat or embedded messaging.

    EasyMarkets Trading Signals

    EasyMarkets Trading Signals is a security buy or sell trigger based on pre-determined criteria. Traders can generate trading signals using a wide range of criteria: from simple signals, such as earnings reports and volume increases, to more complex signals that emerge using existing signals. An EasyMarket trading signal is a warning for traders to enter or exit a position. Trading signals are based on specific time and price and can be identified through technical or fundamental analysis. Whether or not to work on the signal depends on the trader.

    Is the quality of EasyMarkets customer service satisfactory?

    Yes, EasyMarkets has great customer support that is accessible via email, live chat, phone and support options.

    Is this EasyMrkets Broker good for new traders?

    EasyMarkets is a best trading platform for new traders because EasyMarkets offers a good range of educational resources, good support options, and a demo account.

    How do you withdraw money from an EasyMarkets Trading Accunt?

    EasyMarkets provides a good selection of withdrawal options. Once EasyMarkets have confirmed and approved users withdrawal information, withdrawals are usually processed within 1 to 3 days.